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Garage Door Repair Haverhill MA

We started off as a very small company which only offered simple garage door repair services in the region. However, our hard work has enabled us to become one the most successful companies in Haverhill in the past two decades and we are proud that we now offer a full range of garage repair services. From working on new installations to fixing the most simple issues, we can do it all for you. If you ever require garage repair in Haverhill, you can rely on us at Garage Door Repair Haverhill MA to meet your requirements to the tee.




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The springs are simple mechanical devices which absorb and release pressure as required during the operation of the door. The springs have a certain lifespan which is dependent on the frequency of the door’s usage. If your door is operated frequently, they would need to be changed quickly while if your door is operated sparingly, they would probably hang in there for a longer time period. A properly working spring helps out the motor too while a malfunctioning spring would put more pressure on the motor and might lead to a more expensive issue if the motor stops operating as well as a result of the malfunctioning springs.

When we repair garage door spring in Haverhill, we recommend our clients to keep a count of the cycles or recommend a certain time period depending on the frequency of door operation after which they should call us again to get the springs replaced before they cause any further complication.

The opener does exactly what its name says: it opens the door when you send a command to open the door. A door’s performance depends a lot on the door opener used in it. While there were limited types of door openers available in the market till a few years back, there are a lot of garage door openers available in the market these days thanks to technology. The performance of the door as well as the lifespan of the door opener depends on the door openers used in your garage door.

Most owners don’t know about the type of door opener in use and thus, make mistakes while running maintenance. When we repair garage door opener in Haverhill, we don’t simply replace the faulty component in the garage opening mechanism but also give advice about how to run maintenance on the door opener in order to ensure that it keeps performing at an optimum level for a long time period.

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